Scotland In Space
The official home of the Scottish space sector, and of the Scottish Space Leadership Council, which brings together key figures from the private and public sectors to drive growth, collaboration and alignment. 
Scotland is the international location of choice for research, investment, and growth in space data, services, and the supporting technologies​​​​​​​
Scotland’s rapidly growing and agile ecosystem covers the whole sector, including fundamental and applied research, system design and spacecraft manufacture, launch and operation, and data processing and service provision
For people, investors, and companies interested in growth opportunities, Scotland offers
skilled, productive workforce and access to excellent graduates
interaction with a vibrant ecosystem of new and established businesses
quality of life
access to international markets
opportunities to join exciting new start-up companies
support for technology development and international trade
leading research institutions, able to support R&D and training
favourable environment for retaining highly skilled, technical workforce
excellent legal, financial, and advisory services
to launch
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Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, holds a CubeSat structure during a visit to the Clyde Space clean room. Image credit: Scottish Government

Through a shared vision we integrate the commercial space industry, its supply chain, academia, economic development, venture support, and local, Scottish & UK governments into a coherent whole
>130 organisations
+27% since 2016
18% of all UK space jobs
+9% jobs since 2016
with only 8% of UK's population 

One of around 100, to-date, of Spire's Lemur-2 CubeSat's built in Scotland in their in-house test facilities. Image credit: Spire Global

Building more spacecraft per year than anywhere else in Europe
Hosting the first spaceport in Europe

Orbex's Prime rocket's second stage on show at their Scottish factory, with the world's largest 3D printed rocket engine. Image credit: Orbex

Scotland has a distinctive, diverse, & growing space services sector. Some examples.
Bird.i are using space-derived intelligence to monitor global construction
Trade in Space are developing new financial services with data collected by satellites, making peer-to-peer trading fairer & easier
Ecometrica, GSi, Carbomap, and others are monitoring the Earth’s forests and crops
Astrosat are helping people understand the planet, whilst aiding disaster response
SoXSA are helping to developing smart, connected fish farms
Huli are using space-derived intelligence to plan your outdoor adventure
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Scotland is the data driven capital of Europe, hosting the largest centre for informatics in Europe
>190 data sciences companies
28% of the UK’s university spin-out companies come from Scotland in last three years. Compared to 18% from London
Incubated space start-ups increase turnover and employees by >100% when compared to non-space start-ups
More computer science start-ups than Oxford and Cambridge combined​​​​​
Scotland hosts the most advanced ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) network in the UK
Government supported growth target of
1% of global space economy by 2030
with 0.07% of global population
Targets exclude direct-to-home TV
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