The Agile Space Capital of the World

The official home of the Scottish space sector, and of the Scottish Space Leadership Council, which brings together key figures from the private and public sectors to drive growth, collaboration and alignment.

Scotland is the international location of choice for research, investment, and growth in space data, services, and the supporting technologies

Scotland’s rapidly growing and agile ecosystem covers the whole sector, including fundamental and applied research, system design and spacecraft manufacture, launch and operation, and data processing and service provision

For people, investors, and companies interested in growth opportunities, Scotland offers

  • skilled, productive workforce and access to excellent graduates
  • interaction with a vibrant ecosystem of new and established businesses
  • quality of life
  • access to international markets
  • opportunities to join exciting new start-up companies
  • support for technology development and international trade
  • leading research institutions, able to support R&D and training
  • favourable environment for retaining highly skilled, technical workforce
  • excellent legal, financial, and advisory services
  • proximity to launch

If you are looking for a collaborator, considering Scotland to start or scale your next enterprise, looking for an investment opportunity, or just want to learn more, say hello@ScotlandIn.Space, or get in touch using the form below

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